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With reliable voice, video, and messaging integrated in one solution, we connect you wherever you are — and however you need.

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Trusted by Global Brands

For 20 years, Infinite has been providing comprehensive communications solutions to some of the most recognizable global brands.


What Sets Infinite Connect Apart


Hands-on Service and Support

We’ll be an active partner for your business, customizing our solution to fit your needs. If you need troubleshooting or consultation, we’ll be there — as a real human, not an automated bot.


Flexible Deployment

Satellite offices? No problem. Fully decentralized? Can do. Infinite Connect’s cloud-based solution can be deployed anywhere you need it, even in nontraditional business environments.


Security and Reliability

With 99.9999% uptime, you won’t have to worry about dropping a call or video chat. We design our infrastructure to be secure and private, so confidential conversations can stay that way.


Boost Your Bottom Line

By consolidating multiple systems into a single unified service, you can save money without compromising quality. Our customers save up to 40% after switching to our first-class solution.

Versatile VoIP Enables Phone Calls from Your Desktop


Versatile VoIP Enables Phone Calls from Your Desktop

The days of connecting all your office phones to landlines are over. Infinite Voice is a high-uptime, reliable VoIP solution that supports crystal-clear audio over the internet, whether you’re using a VoIP phone service for business or making a call directly from your desktop.

It’s more than just conference calls and phones. Infinite Voice leverages the full power of the cloud to be a truly cutting-edge solution. We can forward incoming calls to your home, work, and cell phones, ensuring you never miss an important conversation. If you do miss a call, you can get voicemail sent straight to your email address. Microsoft Outlook ® integration offers click-to-dial, where you can initiate a call straight from your Contacts directory. And this can all be done in a distributed office model with a largely remote workforce.

Infinite Voice will transform and modernize the way your company handles phone calls. Your team can communicate using whatever method they’re most comfortable with: desktop phone, soft phone, or mobile device.


Collaborate Your Way With Messaging, File Sharing and Faxes

You and your team know what works best for you. That’s why Infinite offers a unified team collaboration tool that gives you everything you need to work together in the way that suits you best. Our collaboration software lets you upload and share files with your coworkers, take notes together as a team, and text chat between individuals, in small groups, or all together.

Do you work in an industry where faxes are still critical components of doing work, like medical technology or the legal field? Our platform modernizes the venerable fax machine, letting you send and receive faxes online. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology makes the content of received documents fully searchable. Our collaboration solution makes your team more productive, no matter where they’re located.


HD Video Meetings

Face-to-Face Engagement, No Downloads Required

Even when your distributed team is collaborating and firing on all cylinders, the importance of face-to-face contact — seeing facial expression and body language — can’t be overstated. Infinite Video offers HD video conferencing, directly in your browser of choice. You can meet 1-on-1, as a team, or broadcast your call on Facebook or YouTube to reach a much wider audience.

Our video meeting solution offers all the bells and whistles you expect in a modern video conference. Breakout rooms let you spin off for small discussions, a multi-user whiteboard lets all participants collaborate interactively, files can be shared directly in the video call, and more. Nor are you tethered to a desktop or laptop: You can call in to any video conference using a phone, or join through a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. Fully integrated with the rest of our Infinite offerings, our video meetings are versatile and easy to use.

Why Our Customers Love Us

There is no better time to make the switch. Here are a few reasons why...

"Both locations have a unified dial plan, with inter-office direct dialing. There is no charge for inter-office calling. Key employees never miss a call, thanks to the innovative Find Me - Follow Me call routing. The unified system provides unlimited conference calling and voice mail (with email and SMS notification) to all users at both locations."


"What has most impressed Thunder Technologies’ employees is the ease with which the system can be learned. “The programmability is very easy compared to other systems.” Easily learned, phone operations only get easier with increased familiarity. “The online system is just great. The phones (operate) so easily.”

THUNDER technologies LLC

“The biggest thing for me is that regardless of what happens to us in the building, the calls are still getting handled. We don’t have to worry about it. The potential for substantial cost savings was also a major selling point. “The price was definitely right.”


The Infinite Connect Promise

Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back!

Infinite Connect is a leader in the growing Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) space. This means that with a single unified cloud communications platform, your business can meet every single one of your major communications needs: Telephone, video conferencing, fax and text messaging, conference calls, and more.

We’re a full-featured platform built for business, designed to help you and your team work remotely and safely, even during times of crisis. And should you ever need assistance, we guarantee hands-on, personalized service from a real human support team — not a jumbled maze of unhelpful automated menus.

You don’t need expensive, cumbersome on-premises hardware. You don’t need to manage multiple subscriptions to sometimes-incompatible services. You don’t need the headaches of a patchwork communications system.

All you need is Infinite Connect.

2020 Unified Communications Excellence Award - Infinite Connect
ComSol poty 2020

Features Overview

Our unified cloud communications solution will change how your team works. Our offering includes:

Infinite connect_Multisite Cloud Deployment

Multisite Cloud Deployment

Whether you have one main office, multiple locations, or are entirely decentralized, we can deploy our cloud and hybrid solutions anywhere you are.

Infinite connect_Comprehensive Modern VoIP

Comprehensive Modern VoIP

Send voicemails to email, forward calls to multiple phones, port your existing business numbers to the cloud. This is modern VoIP and then some.

Infinite connect_Real Time Collaboration and File Sharing

Real Time Collaboration and File Sharing

Text chat with colleagues, send and upload files, and take collaborative notes as a team. You’ll feel like you’re working in the same room.

Infinite connect_Browser-Based HD Video Conferencing

Browser-Based HD Video Conferencing

Meet colleagues, clients, and vendors face-to-face. Share your screen, use our interactive whiteboards, and more. No downloads required.

Infinite connect_Messaging & Fax Services

Send and Receive Online Faxes

Send and receive faxes from the cloud. OCR technology makes the content of all faxed documents fully searchable.

Infinite connect_Crystal-Clear Conference Calls

Crystal-Clear Conference Calls

Set multiple hosts and user IDs to secure entry. See who’s on your call through the web-based dashboard and mute/unmute individuals as needed.

Infinite connect_Live Broadcasts & Webinars

Live Broadcasts and Webinars

Broadcast directly to Facebook and YouTube to reach an audience of countless thousands, or host closed webinars with hundreds of participants.

Infinite connect_Open RESTful APIs

Versatile App Integrations

Our all-in-one communications platform (UCaaS with CPaaS) boasts powerful integrations with apps you use for work every day, like Salesforce, Office365, Trello, and hundreds more.

Infinite connect_Reporting & Analytics

Intuitive Reports and Analytics

Learn how many calls you’ve sent and received, how many you’ve missed, attendance of video conferences, number of files shared, and more.

Infinite connect_Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Communicate with your customers over SMS or MMS, using one interface over the internet. Supports one-to-one and one-to-many.

Infinite connect_Contact Center

Contact Center

Support groups and sales organizations with call tracking and organization. Receive inbound and outbound calls in volume.

Infinite connect_Visible Presence

Visible Presence

Know who’s available and who is not through our intuitive interface. Track the best way to communicate with your team: Mobile, desktop, or messenger.

Why Infinite Connect?

There’s never been a better time to switch to a UCaaS provider, and Infinite Connect is one of the best. Here’s what sets us apart.

Dedicated support team

Our business support team is standing by to help your business via phone, email, or chat. Real humans; no bots.

Reduce your phone bill

On average, businesses who move to Infinite Connect’s VoIP platform save 40% on their phone bill.

Simple communications

Very little setup required. Simply plug in your phone or install the app and start talking.

Reliable service

We have built a dedicated core solution with 99.9999% uptime. Get a service that won’t ever let your business down.

Choose a better way to communicate. Contact us today.