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VoIP Phone Number

What is a VoIP Phone Number?

The cloud remains a popular option for companies seeking the always-on convenience and speed of the Internet and the services it offers. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, leverages the cloud to provide companies with phone service over the internet. … Read More

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VoIP for Businesses

7 Major Advantages of VoIP for Businesses

There are distinct advantages of using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) for business when compared to traditional phone service. That’s why business usage of VoIP technology increased from 6.2 million to 41.6 million between 2010 and 2018. An increasing number of companies are reaping … Read More

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Hosted PBX Service

Top 10 Benefits of a Hosted PBX Service

Is a hosted PBX service right for your business? What are the benefits of a hosted PBX? The answer lies within the cloud itself. The cloud provides businesses with massive benefits in speed, security, and scalability, all within the confines … Read More

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VoIP Provider

How to Choose a VoIP Provider

Many companies say they are the best business VoIP provider on the market. That makes the task of finding the best VoIP service provider a challenge. So much rides on your business communications system; how will you know which VoIP provider will … Read More

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VoIP Vs Landline

VoIP Vs Landline: What’s the Difference?

When you’re considering phone service for your business, you know there a probably a few carriers to choose from. But did you know you can also select from two distinct types of service? Today, you can select plain old telephone … Read More

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Multi-Line Phone Systems & Top Phone Picks

The Beginner’s Guide to Multi-Line Phone Systems & Top Phone Picks

Even in the age of digital communication, video conferencing, and instant texting, a multi-line phone system is still one of the most important tools of your business. Small businesses and enterprise organizations alike still use the phone to sell products, … Read More

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VoIP Statistics & Trends for Growing Businesses

VoIP Statistics & Trends for Growing Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a service that’s been around for two decades. The technology we use for business VoIP continues to improve, turning this low-cost phone communications tool into a highly popular service. With more employees working … Read More

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Traditional PBX or Virtual PBX

Traditional PBX or Virtual PBX: What’s Better for Your Business?

PBX stands for “private branch exchange.” If you’re using a traditional landline phone service, you probably have physical hardware and software to route calls throughout your business. These systems have typically been expensive to maintain, but over time, technology advances … Read More

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Enterprise VoIP System

Top 5 Features Your Enterprise VoIP System Must Have

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone service can scale to fit any business. It’s also an inexpensive option that fits small companies and even startups. But if you’re an enterprise organization, you need enterprise VoIP services. How can you be … Read More

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Professional Tips for Choosing the Right Call Center Software

Evaluating call center software is challenging. With so many technology solutions on the market, companies can be hard-pressed to find the right solution. You have a lot riding on this purchase. How can you pick the right call center software … Read More

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