Features Overview

Our unified cloud communications solution will change how your team works.

Infinite connect_Multisite Cloud Deployment

Multisite Cloud Deployment

Whether you have one main office, multiple locations, or are entirely decentralized, we can deploy our cloud and hybrid solutions anywhere you are.

Infinite connect_Comprehensive Modern VoIP

Comprehensive Modern VoIP

Send voicemails to email, forward calls to multiple phones, port your existing business numbers to the cloud. This is modern VoIP and then some.

Infinite connect_Real Time Collaboration and File Sharing

Real Time Collaboration and File Sharing

Text chat with colleagues, send and upload files, and take collaborative notes as a team. You’ll feel like you’re working in the same room.

Infinite connect_Browser-Based HD Video Conferencing

Browser-Based HD Video Conferencing

Meet colleagues, clients, and vendors face-to-face. Share your screen, use our interactive whiteboards, and more. No downloads required.

Infinite connect_Messaging & Fax Services

Send and Receive Online Faxes

Send and receive faxes from the cloud. OCR technology makes the content of all faxed documents fully searchable.

Infinite connect_Crystal-Clear Conference Calls

Crystal-Clear Conference Calls

Set multiple hosts and user IDs to secure entry. See who’s on your call through the web-based dashboard and mute/unmute individuals as needed.

Infinite connect_Live Broadcasts & Webinars

Live Broadcasts and Webinars

Broadcast directly to Facebook and YouTube to reach an audience of countless thousands, or host closed webinars with hundreds of participants.

Infinite connect_Open RESTful APIs

Versatile App Integrations

Our all-in-one communications platform (UCaaS with CPaaS) boasts powerful integrations with apps you use for work every day, like Salesforce, Office365, Trello, and hundreds more.

Infinite connect_Reporting & Analytics

Intuitive Reports and Analytics

Learn how many calls you’ve sent and received, how many you’ve missed, attendance of video conferences, number of files shared, and more.

Infinite connect_Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Communicate with your customers over SMS or MMS, using one interface over the internet. Supports one-to-one and one-to-many.

Infinite connect_Contact Center

Contact Center

Support groups and sales organizations with call tracking and organization. Receive inbound and outbound calls in volume.

Infinite connect_Visible Presence

Visible Presence

Know who’s available and who is not through our intuitive interface. Track the best way to communicate with your team: Mobile, desktop, or messenger.

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For 20 years, Infinite has been providing comprehensive communications solutions to some of the most recognizable global brands.

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