Business VoIP Systems

Growth is the name of the game for most companies. Whether the growth is accelerated or slow and steady, the definition of business success means that your company is climbing some sort of ladder toward market share. The people, processes, and technology that your company leverages can get you there quickly or slowly—or send you in the wrong direction. What you might not consider is that your business phone communications system plays a pivotal role in the success of your bottom line. For companies using business VoIP systems, their march toward more revenue is often more accelerated. What is it about VoIP services that can improve your organization’s success?

What is a Business VoIP System?

Let’s start with a refresher into what a business VoIP system is and how it differs from traditional phone systems. The “VoIP” in “business VoIP services” stands for “voice over internet protocol,” a type of technology that digitizes your analog phone signal and sends it over the internet. These phone systems are offered by VoIP providers as a way to streamline and modernize your communications, improve employee efficiency, and cut costs. For more than a decade, VoIP services have improved alongside the internet itself.

Today, you don’t have to be saddled with high equipment overhead and the per-call costs associated with plain old telephone services. A high-quality VoIP phone system can integrate with all kinds of software you use every day to improve overall performance and increase the growth of your company.

How Can Business VoIP Systems Help Grow Your Business?

There are three primary ways a high-quality VoIP phone system can help grow your business:

  • These systems are easily scalable so they will facilitate the growth of your company without holding you back.
  • They can easily integrate with your existing software platforms to make your employees more efficient.
  • VoIP providers save your company money in equipment overhead and monthly fees, and that cash can easily be reinvested in marketing or otherwise growing your business.

Here are some examples of how we’ve seen VoIP used to improve efficiencies and ultimately grow companies larger, simply as a result of switching from traditional phone service.

Never Miss a Call

From a productivity perspective, business VoIP systems allow your workforce to catch incoming calls or make outgoing ones from wherever they have a digital connection. This means fewer calls are missed and calls can be returned more quickly. That’s like money in your pocket, especially if the call is a sales or customer service-related communication. Using VoIP services makes you more accessible to clients and cuts down on time wasted with voicemails or frustrating telephone tag.

How many times has a sale been delayed because you keep missing calls? It happens all the time. But VoIP routes calls to any digital device. You don’t need a landline; your cell, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC can pick up a call. This increases your mobility. Given that many of your employees are probably working from home at least part of the week, your VoIP service can easily route calls through their home computer. It’s immediate, convenient, and powerful.

Stop Traveling to Close Deals or Service Customers

VoIP can also cut down on traveling. VoIP integrates smoothly with chat and video conferencing which means that you can dial up a customer and see them face-to-face no matter where you’re located. You don’t even need a phone handset, just your favorite digital device. In the old days, we had to jump on a plane to make nationwide business happen. Not anymore. Imagine not only the cost savings for your company, but also the improved efficiencies of your service and sales teams.

Improve Your Collaboration Skills

We know that most clients demand hassle-free and immediate communication. A VoIP system can help you improve customer retention by offering them the on-demand response they ask for. A high-quality VoIP phone system also improves client and employee collaboration. It’s the cloud connectivity that fuels our collaborative productivity these days.

Why be tied to a landline when you can take your communication anywhere you have a digital connection? If VoIP can help you keep your current customers longer, then you can focus on bringing in new clients to grow your company.

Improve Workflows with Multi-Functionality Tools

VoIP software offers more than just phone calls. Modern VoIP providers are typically part of unified communications platforms that incorporate other communication services into one service.

Think about how many tasks every day are redundant. What if you could integrate your phone communications directly into your customer relationship management (CRM) platform? Would you save time if instant messaging were a part of your email and video conferencing solution? If you still fax, what about incorporating fax communications with email messaging? Or doing the same with voicemail and email.

The whole selling point of a high-quality VoIP phone system is convenience, ease of use, and integration with the tools you use every day. It’s a new way of working that can save every employee in your business time by cutting back on waste. This frees them up to focus on what matters—growing your business.

Automate Mundane Tasks

Here’s the other benefit that anyone using VoIP providers will tell you: These tools help you work smarter. Many VoIP software platforms today make use of intelligent automation to help reduce manual tasks. For example, you can set up an FAQ or a troubleshooting hotline for customers to handle issues related to common problems they might have. This is helpful for call centers, for example, that spend a lot of time answering the same questions repeatedly.

Reduce Overhead Costs

VoIP packages offer a subscription service model that eliminates the per call and per line costs associated with traditional phone service. We’ve seen the service cut telephone costs by 40% or more. VoIP can do this without cutting corners on call quality and by improving the number of features offered through the service. This frees up your budget while fueling a more robust bottom line.

VoIP services can do all these things and more. It’s a tool that fuels business growth in so many ways by simply harnessing the power of the cloud. We are the nation’s leading provider of high-quality VoIP phone services. Talk with us about how we can facilitate the growth of your organization.

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