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Best Online Fax Services

What Defines the Best Online Fax Services?

You may believe that the fax machine is obsolete, but there are 43 million fax machines in use today. Thousands of doctor’s offices, hospitals, insurance carriers, and more all have faxes busy at work every day. In England, the nation’s … Read More

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Best Features in a Slack Alternative

How to Get the Most from Team Collaboration Software

The days of having to go to an office are coming to an end. Instead of the workplace being a destination that you commute to, work is now a thing many of us do from our basements, home offices, and … Read More

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VoIP Solutions for Schools Education

Why VoIP Solutions for Schools Are Critical to Education

When you think of the education system, administration isn’t the first thing that probably comes to mind. The students, the curriculum, and extra-curricular activities are likely some of the things that you may think of first. While it may not … Read More

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UCaaS vs VoIP

How to Find the Best VoIP Service for Business

With the growth of the remote workforce, companies are looking for reliable communication solutions that will not break their budgets. Business VoIP service providers offer these companies a way to use the internet for low-cost telephone communications. With a click … Read More

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The Future of Digital Communications Technology in Healthcare

Digital communication technology in healthcare is transforming how doctors see patients and how patients communicate with their care providers. Digital healthcare communications enables new and better models of care by using tools like video conferencing for a virtual house call. … Read More

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Unified Communications for Enterprise vs. SMBs

Unified Communications for Enterprise vs. SMBs: What’s the Difference?

Enterprise organizations have been moving toward a more coordinated framework, called UCaaS, for their communications platforms. UCaaS stands for “unified communications as a service” and it brings together telephony, video, and messaging under one hosted provider on the internet. But … Read More

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UCaaS vs. CPaaS vs. VoIP Difference

UCaaS vs. CPaaS vs. VoIP: What’s the Difference?

Technology was already filled with confusing acronyms, but then along came the Internet with its “as-a-service” models. You’ve probably heard about SaaS, “software as a service.” This is a business pricing model that allows subscribers to go online and use … Read More

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Slack Alternatives for Team Collaboration

Slack Alternatives for Team Collaboration

Is it time for you to consider an alternative to Slack? If you recently read about the megadeal between Salesforce and Slack, you may wonder what’s next for the instant messaging platform that is widely loved by the engineering community. … Read More

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VoIP Phone Services for a Small Business

How to Set Up VoIP Phone Services for a Small Business

You’ve heard about the benefits of VoIP phone service for business and you’re interested in switching to it from your traditional landline for greater efficiency and lowered costs. However, you may also be worried that the setup of these tools … Read More

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Productive Remote Work

How to Set Up a Productive Remote Work Environment

Among other things, 2020 is the year much of American businesses transitioned into a remote workforce. The latest data shows that 50% of the American workforce moved into teleworking environments this year. Remote Work and Productive Teams A recent poll … Read More

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